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The reading process is so complex. Teaching methods have to be adapted to particular children in
particular circumstances because:

• Individual children varies so much in the skills and abilities
• Availability of books and materials varies so much in different places.

The following framework for developing language skills was developed to provide a guideline for
directress because :

• It is compatible with Montessori ideas and at the same time
• It incorporates ideas from modern research.
• It stresses upon the importance of language development as the basis for reading.

The aim is to ensure that reading is a thinking process from the very beginning, not simply a
mechanical exercise in word recognition. This will provide a sound foundation for later

A directress who is observant of children and knowledgeable about their development, and who is
also well informed about the reading process is in a strong position to guide her pupils to reading
fluency, adapting her methods as appropriate.

Readiness for any stage of learning has to be assessed, not on a child’s age, but upon his present
achievements. Above all, reading is an integrated process. Page : 9
A three-way approach to the teaching of readiness is recommended. The three ways are through :

i) Language experience
ii) Interrelated skills
iii) Graded phonic instruction

All children will need to be simultaneously working through the contents in all three areas. This is an
individual program as some children will need more experience in one area more than the other.